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Company door logo mats

Company door logo mats

We’re used to it. People everywhere look down on us. And why not? Our Positive Impressions® logo mats are works of art. Something you might not expect from the toughest mat in the industry. There has never been an easier way to enhance your company image. Now you can show off your logo, image or product, in vivid, rich colors throughout your place of business. mats with logo From retail store to office space, the Positive Impressions Logo Mat provides the highest quality image available.

Company door logo mats -ENDLESS DESIGN OPTIONS
Milliken’s patented Millitron® computer-controlled dye-injection technology makes custom logo mat design options almost endless. You can choose from over 180 different colors - that's more than 5 times the color choices you find elsewhere. Featuring everything from 3-D design effects, color gradations, detailed patterns, and border options, KEX logo mats are as attractive as they are durable. That's why our mats are making Positive Impressions in the best business addresses in the world.

Company door logo mats -DURABLE YET ELEGANT
We start with a plush nylon 6,6 fiber construction for longevity and functionality. Even after repeated use these mats maintain their appearance and are resistant to fading. And, our patented nonskid rubber backing helps to assure that these mats won’t slip. When you look at our aesthetics, functionality, durability and affordability, we tower above the competition.

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