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Mats by use of functional classification

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Commercial mats

 Broad sense is defined in the household and industrial carpet outside of all carpets. Commercial carpet in the country is also limited to hotels, restaurants, writing sub-floor, offices, restaurants and other places in the United States and Western countries,

 Described the use of premises, but in airport terminals, terminal swing boat hall, the station waiting room, supermarket, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, nurseries, theaters and other places commonly used, and with the economic development and social progress, with the carpet surface the use will gradually increase, better coverage.

 b) residential carpet

 As the name suggests is the family home with the carpet the carpet in our carpet is still parked in the bar, because the decoration is still a large number of Chinese families to Western countries and the wood floor mainly for home use, shop for carpets and rugs is a combination of Chinese family carpet has great potential

 c) Industrial carpet

 Industrial carpet from domestic to foreign, are still limited to automobiles, aircraft, passenger ships, trains and other decorative and use.
 3, according to different categories of raw materials

 Wool carpet - use more wool as the main raw materials to do.

 Carpet - (synthetic) nylon fiber (nylon), polypropylene fibers (PP), polyacrylonitrile fibers (acrylic), polyester (PET), shape silk, silk, PTT and other chemical fiber as raw materials to do .

 Plastic carpet - the use of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizers and other auxiliary materials as the main raw materials to do.