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Car carpet cleaning areas most in need of attention

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Inside the car is most likely dirty carpet. If you use a vacuum cleaner brush head for cleaning process, can make the dirty carpet look less dirty. For some more dirty carpet, you can only use a special detergent. Generally in the use of detergent dust before the above work, then spray the right amount of detergent, scrub with a clean brush, and finally with a clean rag and siphoning off the excess detergent on it.
Do not Carpet Cleaning a car into the water immersion stress most in need of attention is this: Do not completely into the water soaked carpet scrub, on the one hand will destroy the carpet bonding within the layers of different materials, on the other hand, will make the carpet in a very long time not affect the use of dry effect, causing the car wet. If the removal of blood on the carpet stained with blood, do not use soap or hot water removal, the blood will be a hit soap or hot water coagulation, it may wipe with a wet cloth and place a few drops of ammonia in the blood, a few minutes and then dipped in a cold cloth to wipe clean.
Stain removal of tomato sauce in the car to eat foods such as sauce, if accidentally contaminated carpet, or printed in lipstick and other stains on the carpet and seats, clean cloth soaked in cold water available, or gently with a sponge erase, and then foam detergent, do not use soap or hot water wash and wipe. In addition, soap or hot water can not wash coffee, cola, ice cream and other stains left behind, traces of soap and hot water will be fixed on the seat surface, first wipe with a rag soaked in cold water on, then foam cleaning agent. Urine stains, vomit, urine, removal, such as filial son in the carpet, first with hot soapy wet rag, and then 1 to 1 solution of ammonia and cold soaked the cloth covering the wet areas after a few minutes away cloth, then wipe with a damp cloth.
Handling vomitus is a nasty thing, but it must as soon as possible. When this happens, you should first water vomit with a paper towel to dry, then remove solid material, then warm cloth to wipe it again with soap flooding, and finally with soda solution to wipe clean cloth soaked. Tangtangshuishui class cleared a lot of people used to buy breakfast on the way to work, on the road, the car to get rid of porridge, milk, dumplings ... ... will inevitably spill some Tangtangshuishui, spots in the car seat. Cleaning can not afford it, try with a little vinegar and water to scrub, then use the wet cloth wipe, everything can be restored as is the.