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Distinctive foreign countries carpet

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Persian carpet. Many varieties of carpet in the family, called "carpet in the Laosilaisi" Persian carpet is undoubtedly the most respected carpet collectors. Persian carpet dates back about 2,500 years ago. At that time, living in the Persian nomads like the cold zone with tents and a variety of goat wool woven mats. Gradually, the development of this traditional craft into the carpet manufacturing industry. Persian carpets are the main raw material wool, silk, cotton. Fine lines woven into the carpet, a clear pattern, work stress. The most important characteristic is its great emphasis on the use of natural pigments, making the weave of the carpet a few hundred years ago, it seems still colorful. With the carpet manufacturing industry continues to boom and increased production, the prestige of the Persian carpet reached its peak, swept the world. Existing best-known, the greatest two Persian carpets were the British Museum of Los Angeles, USA Victoria Museum and preserved. Carpet collection auction market at home and abroad, business people favorite Persian rug auction, the auction is the best Persian carpets. It is no longer an ordinary thing, but an accumulation of 2,000 years of history, precious works of art. The natural luster of silk will be irradiated with light of different angles, gorgeous colors glow, as if Wuliubainian brilliant exploits of the former Persian Empire, to reproduce the world, made the world a collector intoxicated, favorite endless.

  Turkish carpet. Turkish carpet quite a reputation in the world. Three of the world's most famous carpets were produced in Persia, China and Turkey. Three kinds of names among blanket only Turkish carpet is the use of double knot. Turkey is generally divided wool and silk rug category, rigorous process, delicate, high quality, not only colorful, eventually becoming faded, and the designs are very unique, full of national characteristics, the idea of ​​art, collectors appreciate the fine art of Turkish carpet At the same time, but also to experience the unique local ethnic characteristics.

    Egypt carpet. Egypt is very rich carpet patterns, which demonstrated the history of Egyptian natural geographical mystery and elegance, has been sought after by collectors around the world. Egyptian carpets according to the different color characteristics into several series: "Autumn" series with flowers, fruits and pattern-based, colorful, exciting; "Nile" series of ancient mystery, full of rich geographical features of ancient Egypt; "Galaxy" Star-like series with gorgeous colors, the modern avant-garde; "Palace" series with elegance; "Garden" series fresh and simple; "Diamond" series of gorgeous gorgeous; "Duke" series of noble and good and gives the left a deep impression in the the eyes of collectors, with a carpet as in Egypt Egypt's mysterious feel, imagine that the soul is the other ride on the carpet do not have the charm.