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How to clean up dirty mat to be stepped on

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Clean carpets using the tools and materials
A water pumping cleaning carpet (available for chemical fiber carpet)
Use of equipment: carpet brushes, sprayers, suction machine, Carpet Cleaning machines.
Use material agent: carpet shampoo.

Methods of operation:
1, with a full vacuum cleaner
2, diluted detergent, can also be injected into the tank
3, full spray on the carpet cleaner
4, the role of 10-15 minutes, the stain from the fiber
5, pumping with a washing machine to wash, leaving the operator to walk back some lines overlap each operation, at least after two pumping wash
6, while cleaning the carpet, with net absorption of water has been washing machine of carpet
7, so that the carpet is completely dry, dry to speed up the carpet, carpet drying machine can be switched on.
Second, dry foam Carpet Cleaning (for wool carpet)
Use of equipment, tools: with carpet brush and whipped a single disk device wipe machine, carpet comb, or rake, vacuum cleaner.
Use material agent: high foam carpet cleaner.
Carpet Cleaning methods of operation:
1, with a full vacuum cleaner
2, local processing that is dedicated to cleaning the carpet on top oil, fruit stains, coffee stains treated separately
3, diluted carpet cleaner foam, whipped into the box
4, hand brush handle carpet edges, corners, and push the machine to place
5, with whipped with a device, a single disc brush carpet sweeper, carpet dry foam brush
6, the role for a while, and then repeat
7, Shu Qi carpet carpet comb or rake cilia, which is very important to the appearance of the carpet, especially carpet fibers longer lint, but also speed up the carpet drying effect
8, so that the carpet is completely dry hair
9, with a vacuum cleaner to suck dirt and dry bubble crystal.